I am a fiber and mixed media artist living in a quirky town called Truth or Consequences in the high
Chihuauan desert of southern New Mexico. Hot mineral springs, the Rio Grande river, wide open spaces
and low cost living drew me here. What I discovered and have enjoyed for 14 years now is a fabulous
community of fellow artists, spiritual seekers and an atmosphere which allows for and encourages
undistracted creativity.
My art is an eclectic variety of categories, primarily but not exclusively fabric hangings, totem figures,
assemblages, collages and altered books. Nearly 100% of my work is created using found materials.
My hunting skills have been honed to a fine art while pawing through second-hand clothing, fabrics,
beads, yarns, rusted metal, and fanciful objects found at local thrift stores, yard sales and on many
rambles on desert trails. This kind of reuse and upcycling gives me fits of pleasure and excitement.
To get a taste for what I am about, check out the galleries.