A sideline for a few years have been the tote bags. These are fun to make using great recycled clothing in which I am able to utilize the garment “as is” such as the front of a vest or jacket with pockets intact! They are quite roomy and great for schlepping a huge variety of stuff. Each comes with a capacious pocket in the front for keys, phone, etc. and at least one interior pocket as well. Price: $50


AllGreen 18" x 15"

Floral Linen Bag

Floral Linen 19" x 14"


YellowGold Bag

YellowGold 21" x 16"

PolkaDotFloral Bag

PolkaDotFloral 18" x 17"

PolkaDotFloral Bag

PolkadotFloral - back

BlueFloral Bag

BlueFloral 21" x 18"

Patchwork Bag

Patchwork 17" x 14"

Denimstripes Bag

DenimStripes 18" x 16"

FloralMorning Bag

FloralMorning 20" x 18"